Remorseful Jeremy Hill talks reinstatement and future

For the first time since rejoining the team, Jeremy Hill answered questions about his reinstatement and future with the LSU Tigers.

"Playing here is definitely a privilege," Hill said. "Not too many guys get offered to play for this program, and putting this uniform on is definitely a privilege. So moving forward I'm not taking anything for granted."

A remorseful Hill also discussed what he took away the most from his summer long suspension.

"This program, everything, it's bigger than me. I can't make selfish decisions, that's just not smart. I just gotta continue on and learn from it, and just moving on forward I can't do things like that."

Hill's teammates have welcomed him back with open arms, noting the structure of fall camp will be beneficial for the troubled running back.

"Getting back to normal life, going to practice and being a football player," quarterback Zach Mettenberger said. "For a long time, for the whole summer while he was suspended, he was just Jeremy Hill. He wasn't on the team, he was working out on his own, and that's tough to do. But having him back has been great so far, he's a personality that we all love and really enjoy being around him."

"Those guys really supported me throughout all this," Hill said. "They really had my back, and I'm just happy for them, and moving forward just want to not let them down again, and just being around them, it feels great."

Offensive Coordinator Cam Cameron added, "He's come right back, he's been practicing extremely well. He knows what to do. He's very focused on what he needs to know, he's a very team-oriented guy, those are all positives."

Now Head Coach Les Miles may still hold out Hill from game action this fall, but did not elaborate much on the matter, saying that no decision has been made for the opener against TCU.

"The idea that you have a discipline that is reflective of in-house, it's team in nature, and it doesn't reflect outside opinion," Miles said. "Outside opinion can be self-serving, depending on the location that you live in. It's really egregious or it's not that bad at all. So what we're going to do is talk about our culture, and punishment will be dealt in an appropriate fashion."

As for other headlines from LSU media day, freshmen Rickey Jefferson and Duke Riley, a pair of New Orleans natives drew praise from Miles on their quick transition to the college ranks.

"Just knowing that I'm able to work hard, be out here for my team and learn all the new stuff they're trying to throw at me," Jefferson said. "And just trying to stay focused, that's the big thing."

According to Miles, Jefferson will make an early impact.

"Well, he can really cover," Miles said. "He's a very physical player. So he's going to have to get comfortable in the secondary and understand his responsibilities as it fits into the scheme and the call. But we think he'll have real success."

Duke Riley added, "I'm just blessed to be out here to be out with some of the best in the nation, and this older guys are helping me out, making sure I know everything well, so everything's been real good. I'm just blessed to be out here you know."

Minus a few injuries, it's been a successful first week of fall camp, but the Tigers still have plenty of work to do.

"Guys are really picking up the offense, young players are really stepping up and playing big roles, and we're looking sharp and executing very well so far," Mettenberger said.

When coach Les Miles was asked about his greatest points of emphasis this next two weeks of fall camp before the season begins, he singled out late game production and management, the last four minutes of crucial game-ending drives, and he candidly said that had the Tigers handled those situations better last year, LSU would have had two more wins.