Cam Cameron discusses college transition at LSU

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Baton Rouge, La. - LSU is looking to new offensive coordinator Cam Cameron to bring an explosive, pro-style attack to what has been a stagnant scheme the last couple years in Baton Rouge.

The following is Cameron's session with reporters at media day, as transcribed by LSU:

On the changing of the college game…

"Other then a few different rules it is still teaching. In the NFL you are working with younger and younger guys every year. The average age of the guys that I was coaching really wasn't all that different. I think coaching is coaching. Teaching is teaching. The games are a little bit different. Obviously I've coached longer in college than I did in the National Football League. It feels good to get back in the college game."

On his offensive scheme…

"We are still working our way through (the offensive scheme). We have some things planned. Obviously there is a great foundation here offensively, especially the running game and protection scheme. There is a lot good stuff in this offense. We have made sure we've looked at everything that we like the most as a staff and that Coach Miles is comfortable with. We just try to build on the things that fit our players. Everyone on our offense has input. I think that is the only way you can do it. We have an outstanding offensive staff. Some things will be similar. But the hash marks are different so there are certain things that fit in the NFL game that really don't fit in the college game. We are smart enough as a staff to realize that. We have other guys on the staff that have been in the NFL. The spacing is a little bit different and the rules are a little bit different. There is a lot more contact with receivers down the field. We are tweaking our scheme just because there is so much contact down the field. In the National Football League it is not quite that way."

"What I have tried to do is come in and get as much input as I could from the current staff. It is a tremendous staff. I talked to the players. I was able to talk to every player within the first two and a half days. I got feedback from them and that was very positive. The bottom line we need to ask out players to do what they do best and develop the talents that they bring to the table. We have guys that can run. We have guys that can throw. We have guys that can catch. We tell our guys if you don't have a football in your hands you are a blocker. Everyone has to be a blocker. We are still evolving to see the things that we do best. I think we do a lot of things well but really there is more to it than that. We want to do things on Saturday night that we do best and throw out the stuff that we aren't able to do at the level that we want. That is why we are still evolving."

On coaching from the press box vs. the field…

"95 percent of (coaches) in the NFL are on the sideline. The reason being is you get photos. They give you photos of what is going on. But I will be in the press box. (In college) you don't get photos but it is the best view. I have been up there for years. There is no doubt it is the best view. In the NFL you are able to talk to the quarterback. To be able to punch a button and communicate with the quarterback allows you to do things quickly. You don't have that luxury in college. I'll be relaying things down to our assistant coaches and our signalers. I'll be talking to Zach (Mettenberger) in between series. There are some changes but these are things I have done in the past at both levels."