Cameron Jordan anchoring defensive line in his third season

New Orleans Saints
New Orleans Saints

Metairie, La. - While injuries to Kenyon Coleman and Victor Butler have dealt blows to the Saints' new 3-4 defense, the perfect fit of Cameron Jordan in the scheme is promising for the unit.

The following is a copy of Jordan's media session after Monday's practice, as transcribed by the New Orleans Saints:

What have you seen from Jay Richardson and his versatility?

"He has definitely showed his versatility playing outside linebacker as well as defensive end. I like his versatility. I think it's very similar to mine except (that) he is a lot bigger."

That mentality of not being a regular in this league, that nothing is guaranteed and you have to earn that spot. How do you think Jay Richardson approaches that spot?

"I think he does well every day. I think he is just trying to find his role and doing whatever he can to make the team. That's what you like to see. He is definitely coming out every day with the right mentality."

How did you think the defensive line did during the game?

"I am really excited about our d-line. We have an immense amount of talent in it. I think it's definitely raw but it's going to be fine by the time the season starts."

Is that kind of a glimpse of what we can see from this defense in that one particular series?

"I would definitely like to think so. We would like to make that more of a constant. That's what I am out here working for every day."

Can you talk about the play of Glenn Foster? It seems like he is stepping up in practice and made plays during the game.

"Without a doubt, Glenn is a great young player. For him to show during his first year the amount of talent that he has is very promising. Like I said, I am very excited for our d-line."

Tyrunn Walker is another one of those guys. What does he bring?

"Tyrunn is a second-year guy. He is young guy but he brings a lot of energy to the team and that's what we need. Between Me, Akiem (Hicks), Glenn (Foster), Tyrunn Walker, Brodrick Bunkley, and big dog from Georgia (John Jenkins), I think we are going to have a nice d-line this year."

How did it feel to go live in practice with the short yardage period?

"It was defiantly exciting for sure. To go live in a short yardage situation against Ben (Grubbs) and Jahri (Evans) and Brian de la Puente. It definitely gets real in the trenches and that's what we are here for. We do that dirty work."