RTA approves new fares for Algiers ferry

New Orleans, La. - The Regional Transit Authority has approved a proposal to begin charging passengers fees to use the Algiers ferry.

FOX 8's partners at "The Lens" report that the city council still has to approve the plan.

The RTA proposed charging pedestrians a fare of $2 for each direction.

Supporters hope the money will help offset deep cuts in service that followed after voters decided to end tolls on the Crescent City Connection.

But critics say the fees are too expensive, especially because many of those who now ride for free have low-wage jobs.

Other changes include a $7 day pass to include the ferry, bus and streetcars.

The Lens reports no fare changes for the Chalmette ferry.

The city council is set to take up the new fare structure August 22nd.

Among the $2 fee, other changes include:

  • RTA will offer a five-day pass for the ferry ($18) and one for the ferry, streetcars and buses ($30)
  • The cost of a 31-day pass for the ferry will be $65, not $75 as originally proposed.
  • RTA will offer a 31-day pass that includes the Algiers ferry, buses and streetcars. It will cost $105.
  • You can read more at thelensnola.org