Controversial result in Saints two-minute drill

It's the crucial scenario that determines wins and losses, the final two minutes, otherwise known as "Crunch Time".

"Two minute drives are what finish a lot of games in this league," quarterback Drew Brees said.

"You get a ton of snaps during the year in the final two minutes, both offense and defense. So your ability to capitalize at the end of the half and at the end of games, really end up being the difference in games."

Today the defense came away with the edge, with Malcolm Jenkins' diving interception stopping the offense in the redzone.

"We're trying to win every single one of them, so that particular one was the two-minute and whoever won didn't have to run and we didn't want to run today," linebacker Will Smith said.

"We won, and everyone was jacked up and Malcolm made a great play on the interception."

However, an earlier play to Jimmy Graham could have resulted in a win for the offense.

"That's very arguable, because I caught a pass and I would not ever gotten tackled," Graham said.

"It would have been a 60-yard touchdown and somehow they blow the whistle like Roman (Harper) was going to catch me. So I would say we won that and they got a second chance. Either way I would have scored."

Linebacker Jonathan Vilma shared a different perspective, "Malcolm (Jenkins) picked off the Drew Brees pass and we won."

When told that Jimmy Graham noted the offense should have won and that his touchdown should've counted, Vilma replied, "Yeah…he said should've. They didn't."

Offensive lineman Zach Strief disagreed, "Roman Harper got run down by Sam Bradford, so I don't believe that for one second, look they can say all that and be excited, and we can run our sprints because of it, but you put those two in a race, and I'm picking Jimmy Graham every time."

And with both sides of the ball claiming they won the two-minute drill to finish today's practice, Drew Brees chimed in with the tie-breaking vote.

"Our defense got us the last couple of times. They have been good drives. It has been very competitive back and forth where it's to sustain a drive, you are working the clock, and you are working your timeouts and your clock stoppage and such. They got us on that last one."