Saints Storylines: Day #16

The main feature of Tuesday's indoor practice at the Saints' facilities was a spirited two-minute drill. Who won?

Linebacker Jonathan Vilma said there was no doubt… the defense took the prize. But ask tight end Jimmy Graham, and it was offense all the way.

Neither man was joking… this is serious business halfway through camp.

Other developments included special teams captain Courtney Roby being helped off the field with a toe issue, and the return of running back Pierre Thomas, along with linebacker Martez Wilson. Both men were limited in practice.

Here are a couple of other story lines from camp day 16.

Practice Makes Perfect

The veteran Saints like the way the lines of communication are working, especially on defense, coming off the win over Chiefs and heading into the Oakland game.

Said linebacker Jonathan Vilma, "Granted, it was only one preseason game and they didn't have their whole offense in and we didn't have our whole defense in, but the fact that we can just take the coaching from the meeting rooms to the practice field and to the games and have them translate is encouraging."

Watson Proves Worth

Tight end Benjamin Watson has been in the league for 10 years. A Super Bowl champ in New England, Watson takes care of himself and is priceless when it comes to helping Jimmy Graham's emerging greatness get even better.

Brees said of the Watson signing, "That was a great find for us. We are lucky to have him. Every day I see something else out of him that's kind of like, not only do we have a great veteran player, leader and locker room guy, but a guy that can be productive."

Coach's Comp

Don't think these coaches aren't battling as well. It's a real chess match between Sean Payton's offense and Rob Ryan's defense, using live bodies.

Tight end Jimmy Graham summed it up saying, "With the way that Sean and Rob are built, we have many, many competitive periods. And, that's every day. Today I went one on one with the corners and safeties. You know they try to spur on that competitive spirit. After practice, Sean talked about how this game is played with a lot of emotion, and how you just can't turn that emotion on. And, the way of doing that is here in practice when you have a two-minute drill that's live."