Aaron Bennett back in jail after alleged bond violations

Shortly after he pleaded guilty in federal court to corruption charges, authorities in Mississippi say Aaron Bennett went to the Imperial Casino, where they allege he wrote an $11,000 check that bounced.

Mississippi authorities issued a warrant for Bennett's arrest...he was indicted on fraud charges...and that could impact his criminal case in Louisiana.

Bennett's attorney, David Courcelle, said, "We just found out today about some alleged charges out of Biloxi. We're looking into it."

Bennett has been out on bond for almost two years, awaiting federal sentencing. Part of that bond deal included an agreement that Bennett wouldn't enter a casino, wouldn't gamble, and wouldn't leave the state.

A federal magistrate set a new hearing for Friday to determine if Bennett's bond should be revoked, and if he should remain in jail until his sentencing in November.

In 2011, Bennett pleaded guilty to giving kickbacks to former Plaquemines Parish Sheriff Jiff Hingle, in exchange for Hingle approving suspect invoices.

This latest allegation could impact the length of Bennett's sentence at that November hearing. And his future and credibility are important to federal prosecutors -- he's expected to testify if former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin goes to trial.

Bennett was taken away in handcuffs, and will spend the next few nights in jail.