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Judge refuses to grant admitted briber Aaron Bennett new bond

A federal magistrate refused Friday to grant admitted criminal Aaron Bennett new bond, after he learned of not one but two trips by Bennett to casinos and other bond violations.

The judge's ruling means Bennett may not get out of jail for 10 to 15 years, unless his attorneys succeed in an appeal.

It was an extraordinary bond revocation hearing which lasted over one and a half hours.

Magistrate Judge Joseph Wilkinson grilled Aaron Bennett's wife about his whereabouts for the last 22 months. He knew about the trip to the Mississippi casino, but on the stand, Bennett's wife said they went to Harrah's just a couple of weeks ago.'

"Certainly it was a clear violation," said Bennett attorney Vinny Mosca. "But there are all sorts of sanctions... one week in jail, two weeks, home confinement."

But home confinement won't be an option, at least for now. Bennett's wife testified that she didn't have the $100,000 needed to back a bond, and the judge found she would be unsuitable as a third-party custodian.

"Sure, I'm disappointed but there's always an appeals process," said Mosca. "And I'm optimistic that we will get another opportunity to get a bond for Mr Bennett."

Magistrate Joseph Wilkinson angrily described Bennett as arrogant and having a sense of entitlement for quote "buying his way out of an indictment in Mississippi earlier this week," by paying $11,000 to cover bad checks written to a casino in 2011.

Bennett may remain in jail until he's sentenced in November for bribing former Plaquemines Parish Sheriff Jiff Hingle. But his attorneys aren't giving up.

If their appeal fails, Bennett may not see freedom again until the year 2028, based on his possible sentence in the bribery scheme.

Bennett remains in custody, and his attorney says he doesn't know where he will be held until his sentencing later this year.

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