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Egyptian Americans concerned about violence in Egypt

Egyptian American Adel Makari Egyptian American Adel Makari

New Orleans -- The violence continues to escalate in Egypt where hundreds have already been killed in clashes between the Muslim Brotherhood and the Egyptian people. Now, Egyptian Americans living in New Orleans speak out about the fighting that's already claimed so many lives.

Adel Makari has lived in the United States for 35 years but his love for his Egyptian roots still runs deep. He explains, "It hurts to see that going on in Egypt. It hurts anybody."

Makari says he's sad but not surprised to see the turmoil in his home country, after the military removed President Mohammed Morsi from office. Makari says, "Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood was a nightmare to all Egyptian people."

The group that's supporting Morsi, the Muslim Brotherhood, are clashing with police and Morsi opponents. Over the past week, hundreds of people have been killed during these fights. Political analysts say the previous leader, Hosni Mubarak tried for years to quell rising tensions within the country. "Now that Mubarak is gone, the lid is off. And all these tensions that have been underlying Egyptian society for longer than a century are now starting to boil over," said Chris Raymond, UNO Assistant Professor of Political Science.

Both Makari and his friend, Zienhoum Abdelhafiz have family back in Egypt, whom they're checking in with regularly. They say the violence seems to be spreading across the country and the Muslim Brotherhood with the help of Al Qaeda are not only killing people, but destroying historical places as well. "The Alexandria Library, they burned 22 churches so far, attacking police stations, everywhere," said Abdelhafiz.

Abdelhafiz and Makari can't do a whole lot from New Orleans, but they can educate people about what's happening in their home country. And they pray that no more lives will be lost, as the fighting continues.

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