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JPSO believes slain Algiers teen was in wrong place at wrong time

Harvey, La. — Under the Westbank Expressway is not normally where families gather. But a gathering Monday afternoon was rooted in grief.

"It's real hard, it's real hard," said Anicia Nash.

Her 19-year-old daughter, Miquisha Nash of Algiers, had many plans, including attending college. But authorities say a decision she made Saturday night to ride with her new boyfriend ended up costing Nash her life.

"It's a hurting feeling, and I just wish the killer would come forward," stated her mother with tears in her eyes as she stood next to a memorial of candles and stuffed animals located close to where Nash was killed.

Jefferson Parish Sheriff Newell Normand said Nash was riding with Ronnie Videau, someone who is no stranger to local law enforcement.  Normand said after the deadly shooting, Videau was arrested on warrants and attachments that include allegations of drug charges, flight from police and resisting arrest. He is not facing any charges in the death of Nash.

Investigators said Videau told them he and Nash were driving eastbound in the 5400 Block of the Westbank Expressway in Marrero when a burgundy van pulled alongside them and someone inside the van opened fire on the car.

"He indicated that it may be retaliatory, [he] didn't tell us exactly for what, rambled a little bit about a bunch of other prior incidents that had occurred, all of which we are running out to see whether or not there is any relation to other incidents and this particular incident," said the sheriff.

The thought of Nash losing her life in such a way is ripping her family members' hearts apart.

"It wasn't meant for her," said the teen's mother.

When asked whether she knew Videau, she replied, "I don't know about him, all I know is bad news, that's all I ever heard is bad news about him."

Close to a dozen white Sheriff's Office stickers covered bullet holes on the black 2005 Monte Carlo Nash and Videau were in. Sheriff Normand said they are an indication of the callous and wild shooting that took place on a major thoroughfare.

"Unfortunately for Miquisha, they had started dating about 10 days ago, and this is the classic example of the wrong place at the wrong time. She may or may not have had any information about his checkered and/or problem past. And here we are, we have a 19-year-old female who's dead," the sheriff further stated.

He said his investigators will continue their probe, which includes trying to verify information Videau has provided.

"There are a number of Videaus' that aren't bad people, but there is a line of Videaus'... I think we have over 20… and he would be the third-generation Videau that we're having trouble with once again... When it comes to them there's no telling," the sheriff said in talking to members of news media.

Meanwhile, Nash's family is devastated.

"I'm not dealing with it too well because, like, I raised Miquisha," said her grandmother, Jacqueline Williams.

Investigators said they continue to talk to Videau and others, but there are no suspects or motive at this time.

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