Running Back Mark Ingram continues to excel in good health

New Orleans Saints
New Orleans Saints

Metairie, La. - After three weeks of training camp and two preseason games, running back Mark Ingram is feeling better than ever and eager to prove his worth when he's at full health.

The following are the third year running back's thoughts after Monday's practice, as transcribed by the New Orleans Saints:

How do you think the running game has been so far?

"There were a couple of runs where I left a couple of yards on the field, but that just comes with getting a feel for it, coming out here practicing it, getting the hang of it, knowing how the line is going to block it, (and) knowing where our cuts are going to be in different fronts and defenses. I think we are definitely making an improvement in our run game. I think it was a lot better week two than week one."

Healthwise, are you still feeling 100%?

"Yes, I'm still feeling really good."

Do you think you are going to get more touches this year?

"Yeah, I came in healthy. I came in in shape. I think just both of those things together might help me get some more touches. I'm a lot more comfortable with the offense and I just want to keep improving every single day and being productive. That's the key, just being productive and I'm sure more touches will come with that."

Do you feel faster this year?

"I dropped a few pounds, I feel healthy and that helps me be a lot quicker, a lot faster, a lot more decisive, and I haven't been worrying about injuries or anything like that. I definitely feel healthier and quicker."

Do you have any goals for yourself this season?

"You always want to be above four yards a carry, but I like to be around four and a half or five, that's where I usually was in college, around five yards a carry. That's just a goal. That's a high number and that will put you with some of the elite backs in the league with around five yards a carry. (You) Just work at it and try and be as productive as you can."