WR Colston coming back slowly but surely

Saints wide receiver Marques Colston is a realist. Health-wise he knows not where he wants to be.

"Probably not at this point," Colston said. "But that's ok. I'm working towards it."

And it's certainly a positive sign that Colston has been back on the practice field this week after missing most of practice last week.

"Just really just trying to be cautious," Said Colston. "We got a long season to play but just making sure I'm 100% ready to go when I get out here full time."

If anyone knows how to play with pain, it's Colston.

Going into his eighth season, he's made tons of big plays for the Saints but taken tons of big hits and battled many nagging injuries along the way. But through it all has only missed ten games in his career.

Drew Brees thinks that number would've easily been higher with another receiver not as tough as number 12.

"Some guys would have shut it down, he's never done that," said Brees, who together with Colston has been the most prolific quarterback-receiver combo in team history. "He's always shown up at practice, shown up in the game battled through a lot. Selfishly I want him to be pain-free and be able to do it without having to always battle through it, which is what he has had to do in a lot of cases."

Colston has not played in a preseason game and his response to if he plans to play Sunday vs. Houston was:

"That's a question for the guys upstairs."