The Lens: How could city of New Orleans raise money to pay for consent decrees?

New Orleans, La. - Money is the major sticking point over consent decrees that would mandate reforms at Orleans Parish Prison and the New Orleans Police Department.

Below is an excerpt from The Lens article:

The city of New Orleans faces an annual tab of $18 million to $33.5 million for both consent decrees. Meanwhile, next year's general fund budget is expected to come in around $491 million, the same as this year's.

If the consent decrees go through as expected, the city will have to come up with most, if not all, of that money. There are two ways: Raise taxes or cut spending elsewhere.

City officials have gone into detail about what those cuts could look like, but they have said little about how the city could raise the money. Mayoral spokesman Tyler Gamble declined to comment about whether the city is considering ways to raise revenue to pay for the reforms.

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