Saints set their sights for Texans Sunday

The Saints practiced in Metairie Thursday. Coach Sean Payton said the team did some red zone install work... Some two minute stuff as well.  And, Friday, the team will be shifting to game planning for the Houston Texans this coming Sunday.

The Texans are tough... Super Bowl contenders, in fact. The teams know each other well. Remember, the Saints beat these guys in a shootout 34-27 at the Superdome last preseason. It was the 4th game for the Saints, because they had played in that scrimmage known as the Hall of Fame game already to open the summer.

Technically, the Texans matchup was game three for both... Where the starters got stretched out. Both quarterbacks... Drew Brees and Matt Schaub looked crisp.

Of course, suspended coach Sean Payton was not there... he was serving his bounty suspension.  But, he's been in this game three spot plenty before... and knows what to look for.

Said Payton Thursday, "You are beginning to see what you think you could be offensively and defensively and [in] the kicking game. I don't think you ever know for sure. You come away from games feeling... regardless of the final outcome of a preseason game, you do come away feeling like you did some good things or not. That's the one good thing, you get to correct it if there are some mistakes made. I don't think you know what you have. Coaches are driven by the fear of failure and wanting to be successful and avoiding that line of thinking. It's dangerous. It's not healthy."