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Community leaders call for bold action on climate change

New Orleans, La. - To commemorate the 8th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, community leaders are calling for bold action on climate change. At the Treme community center on Saturday, many prayed for the wisdom and power to protect the region's greatest natural defense against storms.

"We come together in faith to remember, but also to prepare," said State Representative Walt Leger.

The community leaders leading the prayer breakfast panel called the weeks around the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina a sacred time of reflection and action.

"I think it's a real marriage of faith and moral obligation with public policy discussions surrounding our environment and the coast," said Leger.

He said they were hoping to shift the conversation from commemorating the monumental loss of life and property to making sure it never happens again.

The prayer breakfast panelists said the action needs to focus on protecting our coast, which is our natural defense that continues to erode.

"Some of it is because human beings have interfered in the work of nature," said Archbishop Gregory Aymond. "So, it's important that we come together not only to pray but also to act that we will be good stewards and we will control climate change as much as possible."

Individuals and small groups can do a lot of good, but together we can do much more, said the archbishop.

It's why state politicians are striving for Louisiana to be a main focus in the federal plan to combat climate change.

"We've been an energy producer for the nation for many years with the petrol chemical industry, with the petroleum products, and I don't think those are going anywhere," said Leger. "But, I think it presents us with an opportunity to be leaders in the development of new energy technology also, and we ought to take advantage of that."

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