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After Further Review: Saints vs. Texans - 3 things to think about

1.) What is real and what is preseason fools gold with the defense? The defensive stats are magnificent through two preseason games. But the truth is they only played one series against Kansas City's starters. On that drive, the Chiefs were flawless. Oakland may be the worst team in the NFL with the worst offensive line. We won't know for sure until the regular season, but the first half of the Texans will give us our best estimation of where this defense is.

2.) Khiry Robinson vs. Travarris Cadet. This wasn't much of a battle before last week when Cadet put the ball on the turf twice. Robinson has been solid although I wouldn't say he's done anything to wow anyone. This is more of - can they depend on Cadet - at least in my opinion. If Cadet is solid running, catching and perhaps most important returning against the Texans, I still say it's his job. But if he struggles, he may be out of job.

3.) Terron Armstead. He struggled last week against the Raiders second team. Earlier this week the Saints wisely parted ways with Jason Smith. Charles Brown is the clear cut starter. That's easy enough to figure out, but as I wrote earlier this week, I'm not sure Armstead is completely ready to take over should Brown go down. Armstead has been running with the two's for awhile but if he continues to struggle, one has to be concerned he can step in and take over should Brown go down. Clearly the Saints don't want to assume that will happen, but given Brown's injury history, it would be unwise to completely ignore it, as well. Hopefully it wont be an issue and either Brown stays healthy or Armstead develops.

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