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Saints fans pack bars & restaurants for pre-season victory

Fans at Tracey's watching Sunday's game Fans at Tracey's watching Sunday's game

New Orleans -- A victory Sunday for the New Orleans Saints who beat the Houston Texans 31-23 in their third pre-season game. The Saints are un-defeated so far and fans around the city say they only see things going up from here.

The Saints are off to a good start this pre-season and so are local businesses.

Saints fan Alicia Schultz explains, "This is an away pre-season game but nobody cares, we're going to cheer and love it and come out and represent like even if, we don't care if its pre-season, we're just excited for football."

At Finn McCool's Pub in Mid-City, owner Stephen Patterson says he's impressed at how many fans have turned out for the first three games. "Pre-season is tough because people are still getting warmed up to football but I think this year everybody's excited to see Sean Payton back on the sidelines," said Patterson.

At Tracey's on Magazine Street, a similar story. Owner Jeff Carreras says business has been booming. The typically sluggish pre-season start has been replaced with fans eager to spend money and enjoy the games. "I think the people are just excited to get the football season going," Carreras said.

Saints fan Maurice Craig explains, "The atmosphere is nice. We have food, roast beef sandwiches, the whole nine yards. I'm with my son over here, having a great time on a Sunday, hey you can't beat it."

Fans we spoke to say they've got a good feeling about the season. Along with Sean Payton's return, the team has a new defensive coordinator, Rob Ryan and new players, who many say are going to help this team go all the way.

Fan Beaux Klibert says, "Kenny looks like he's been picking up the slack really, really well. Nothing but good things. Some of my friends are saying eight and eight. I don't believe them. I'm going to say 10 or more."

Jeff Carreras adds, "Offense is always going to be there with Drew Brees and the people behind that. I think we're just waiting to see what the defense is going to be with Rob Ryan's scheme and how they're going to play out that 3-4 defense."

There's a long season ahead for the Saints and these fans say they'll be there every step of the way....eating, drinking and cheering on the team from bars and restaurants across the city.

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