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After Further Review: Tanner earning his spot

Houston, TX -- He's easy to pull for.

I mean how can you not pull for a guy that's been cut, resigned or waived 33 times in three years? That's resiliency on steroids.

But being a fan favorite won't put wide receiver Andy Tanner on the Saints roster. Being a capable, reliable and productive player will, or at least it should.

And that's exactly what Tanner has become this preseason.

Coach Sean Payton has always lived by the mantra 'go by what we see.' It makes no difference how a player gets here, it's what they do after they arrive.

It's the reason he had the stones to cut a fourth round draft pick in favor of Pierre Thomas. Just imagine where this offense would be had Payton not made that call.

And if Payton trusts his eyes  again in 2013, he will see that Tanner has earned his way onto the final 53 man roster.

However the final numbers breakdown, Tanner deserves to be there.He has six catches this preseason, every one of them have resulted in either a first down or a touchdown.

Sunday was his crown jewel performance to date. Tanner caught two touchdown passes, one on a gritty run after catch, the other when he ran a perfect route, went up and made a great grab. His spikes were emphatic and a symbol that at long last he must be taken seriously.

Tanner has clearly become a locker room favorite as well. Drew Brees is never shy about praising his efforts. When Tanner stepped to the podium as Mark Ingram was walking off the podium, Ingram yelled, ' the man of the hour.'

Garrett Hartley and Thomas Morstead both sent out post game tweets complimenting Tanner's game.

You get sense that they know how hard he's worked to get to where he is at. You get a sense that they want to see him succeed and get that opportunity.

An opportunity that after three preseason games would be very difficult for the Saints to deny him.

We'll see when the final 53 is announced.

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