Opening statements begin in death of 2 year-old boy

New Orleans, La. - The grandmother of a toddler killed during a 2nd line parade in Central City took the stand Wednesday morning in the murder trial of the two men killed in the shooting.

The toddler's grandmother gave gripping details of how Jeremy Galmon was shot as she screamed for help.

Joyce Galmon testified about the day her 2 year-old grandson was struck by a stray bullet in a hail of gunfire back in September of 2010.

Two cousins, Bernel and Jamiron Pollard, are accused of 2nd degree murder and two counts of attempted 2nd degree murder.

During opening statements, the defense attorney said to the jury, "the state is asking you to believe bogus evidence."

Prosecutors told jurors they'll hear 911 tapes and several witnesses will testify to prove the state's case, including one of the alleged targets on the day Galmon was killed.

If convicted the defendants face life in prison.

The trial is expected to last about a week.