Road Home program to hold outreach events

Baton Rouge, La. - The state Office of Community Development - Disaster Recovery Unit has scheduled nine outreach events in the month of September, where Road Home recipients can meet with staff members to answer their compliance issues, as well as to learn more about the recently approved Action Plan Amendments 58, 59 and 60 and their possible benefits to some program participants.

The Road Home program this week mailed letters to homeowners who are currently not in compliance with their Road Home grant agreement or covenant, letting them know that they have until Monday, Nov. 25 to submit compliance documentation to avoid facing repayment of funds.

"The first priority of the Road Home is to assist homeowners who are willing and able to return home," said Pat Forbes, executive director of the Louisiana Office of Community Development. "We also need to help communities fight blight in their neighborhoods, and we have a very real obligation to the U.S. taxpayers to ensure that these federal disaster recovery dollars are invested for their intended purpose."

Option 1 recipients within the Road Home program chose to take a grant to rebuild or repair their storm-damaged home and agreed to reoccupy that home. Option 2 recipients chose to sell their damaged home back to the state then purchase and occupy another home within Louisiana. Road Home grantees have three years from the time of their closing to comply with their covenant or grant agreement. As that three-year period reaches its end, homeowners are asked to report back to the program whether they have fulfilled their obligation. If they have, homeowners are considered in compliance and their grant is closed; if they have not, they are required to repay their grant amount to the state.

OCD-DRU suggests for homeowners who are compliant, but simply have not submitted the required paperwork, to complete the compliance questionnaire that accompanies the letter and send it back to the Road Home to have their file closed out.

If the homeowner is not yet compliant, he or she should contact the Road Home at 1-888-762-3252, extension 2, to speak with a member of the Road Home staff about their case or to schedule an appointment at one of the planned outreach events.

Applicant files that are deemed non-compliant, including those that do not have the completed paperwork, by Monday, Nov. 25 will be put into grant recovery for collection of the Road Home grant funds.

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