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After Further Review: Saints final roster breakdown

New Orleans -- The Saints may add a few players sitting on the waiver wire but for the most part the Saints set their final 53 at Saturday's deadline. Some moves were obvious, others were surprising.

Tanner earns his spot

As I wrote a few weeks back, it was impossible to not root for Andy Tanner. I mean cut/waived/resigned 33 times in three years?

Regardless of the feel-good story aspect, the truth is Tanner didn't get on the team by sympathy; he earned his spot.

Taking the last preseason game out of the equation, Tanner has been one of the most productive, consistent players on the Saints roster.

I was a little surprised that his addition meant Preston Parker's subtraction. I thought they would keep six given Parker's return ability.

Biggest Surprise:

The Saints released Jay Richardson and only kept three outside linebackers. That seems like a low number, particularly for this defense. It's also a clear sign that Junior Galette and Martez Wilson are healthy enough to go in week one.

Youth Movement:

Maybe it's the age of their veterans. Or maybe it's the status of their future salary cap, but the youth movement is underway for the Saints.

Ten rookies made the final 53-man roster; six of those rookies were undrafted. That's high even for the Saints, who have a reputation for keeping undrafted players.

Other Roster Notes:

-         With the release of Marcel Jones and Andrew Tiller, the Saints now have more players on their roster from the 2006 class (4) than they do from their 2012 class (3).

-         I didn't think undrafted free agent tight end Josh Hill had any shot at making the roster. Evidently he did enough however to bump Michael Higgins off the team.

-         I was a little surprised to see safety Jim Leonhard released. I thought his knowledge of the system would have put him on.

-         If anyone watched the tape of Courtney Roby this preseason, you know the Saints made the right call in cutting him. The Saints special teams struggled with him on the field. It was time to part ways.

Final Breakdown.

The final roster breaks down like this:

2- Quarterbacks

5- Running Backs

5- Wide Receivers

1- Fullback

3- Tight Ends

8- Offensive Linemen

7- Defensive Linemen

3- Outside Linebackers

6- Inside Linebackers

5- Safeties

5- Cornerbacks

3-  Specialists

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