After Further Review: Meachem to Saints, why not?

Low risk. Medium/high reward.

That was my initial thought on the Saints and Robert Meachem reunion. When he was here from 2007-2011, Meachem was a nice complimentary piece to the Saints diverse offensive arsenal. He was not a game-changer but was capable of making big plays at opportune times.

Any other off season and the Saints may not have let Meachem walk. He was a free agent the same year as Drew Brees and Marques Colston. He was a complete flop in San Diego. In fact, his best game last year was against the Saints on Sunday night. He hauled in three receptions for 67 yards and his only two touchdowns of the season.

The worry is his health. Reports out of San Diego said he had health vastly deteriorated. He also had several nagging injuries while in New Orleans. But we'd have to assume the Saints did their due diligence in that regard. He's only 28, thus if he is fully recovered is still in the prime of his career and can be an asset.

Plus, the price was no doubt right. The Saints would not have made this move if it wasn't. Meachem would qualify as a vested veteran, thus being on an opening day roster would guarantee his salary, all the more reason why I'm sure that salary figure is low.

It also doesn't hurt to have another veteran in the wide receiver room. Particularly one who knows the system. Behind Colston and Lance Moore, the Saints are aching for experience. Kenny Stills, Nick Toon and Andy Tanner have each yet to play in an NFL regular season game.

So why not take a shot? If it doesn't pan out, the Saints didn't give up much monetarily. But if it does, then their offense gets that much better and a career gets revived.