Starbucks customer gets a slithery surprise

San Antonio, TX - A Starbucks customer got a "grande"-sized surprise at a San Antonio store.

Bruce Ahlswede isn't a snake lover, so you can imagine his shock when he spotted one slithering around a Starbucks at Bandera Road and Loop 1604.

"I looked down, and looked at the toilet, and I see this snake laying across the toilet," he said.

He thought it was a fake, but when it moved he knew it was the real deal and alerted employees.

"I said hey, you know you've got a snake in your bathroom. And she's kind of freaking out so we went back in and watched it as it slithered back and around down underneath the rim of the bowl and right inside."

Ahlswede's wife snapped a picture before it disappeared.

She posted it to Facebook and got all kinds of responses.

"A lot of people were really freaked out and some said "thanks a lot," they were over their phobia of this ever happening.'"

Experts say it's most likely a Texas rat snake.

They aren't poisonous and sometimes find their way into toilets and other plumbing.

Starbucks says the safety of their customers is a top priority.

They called in a specialist who performed an inspection and determined there were no further safety concerns.

Bruce and Michelle returned to the store to follow up on the situation. They said employees told them so far they haven't been able to find that snake so as far as they know it could still be in that men's room. Despite the creepy encounter, they say they'll remain Starbucks customers but they plan to change their bathroom habits.

"Yeah, I'm going to take a closer look and definitely lift the seat and be a little more careful because you never know. "