Parents plead for runaway teen couple to return home

Jayden Thomas, left, and Braxton Wood, right. (Fox FOX 17)
Jayden Thomas, left, and Braxton Wood, right. (Fox FOX 17)

Fox reports that the parents of two Michigan teens who vanished after the girl's mother objected to their intense relationship appealed to them Thursday to "just come home."

Jayden Thomas, 13, and Braxton Wood, 14, took off Monday morning in the black Ford Explorer belonging to Wood's family, and have not been seen since, Fox 17 reported.

"It's like they fell off the face of the earth," Jayden's mother Kelly Drinkwine told the Detroit Free Press. "No one can find them."

The young couple, who have been compared to Romeo and Juliet in some news accounts, had about $80 in cash between them when they disappeared. They also took a video game console, a coin collection, and other items that could be sold for cash, their parents said.

Originally, it was thought the two were headed from their homes in Isabella County, about 150 miles northwest of Detroit, to Florida to see a friend. But their families say that with so little money, the two are likely still in Michigan.

"There are mean, horrible people out there," the Free Press quoted a tearful Drinkwine as saying.

"Just come home, baby. Just come home."

The two had been dating and their parents said they had no idea why they would just leave.

However, Drinkwine told ABC News that the day before they vanished, she had told her daughter that the relationship was too intense.

"The day that she left I said I no longer support this relationship," Drinkwine said..

Their desperate parents are appealing to the local community to keep an eye out.

"We just want to make sure people are paying attention and if they see these kids they're both good kids and have never been in trouble before. This is totally out of character and we just hope and pray that somebody will call," Sarah Kiley, mother of the missing boy, told Fox 17.