Residents in St. Charles Parish to see road improvements

Luling, La. - Residents in St. Charles Parish will soon be seeing improvements to dozens of streets in the parish.  The parish has targeted about 37 Streets in various communities for improvements that include patching, overlaying and striping.  The repairs are part of the 2013 Road Maintenance Program which is now kicking off in the parish.

"Our road maintenance program in particular is one of those projects in which citizens truly see their tax dollars at work," St. Charles Parish President V.J. St. Pierre said. "Combined with the maintenance work provided by our in-house crews, this work continues to greatly improve the state of parish infrastructure."

The St. Charles Parish Council on Sept. 3 awarded low-bidder Barriere Construction Co. LLC a contract in the amount of approximately $1.4 million to complete the scheduled work. GEC Inc. Consulting Engineers performed design work on the improvements, which includes the study, design and administration of the repairs, overlays and shoulder and/or curb repair. The Parish Council approved GEC to engineer the programs from 2012 through 2015.

Funding for the roadwork comes, in part, in the form of $500,000 from the state of Louisiana's transportation fund. The amount varies by year based on the state's allocation to Louisiana's other 63 parishes. Remaining funds come from a parish property tax, which was set by the parish council at 5.95 mills this year.

Roads are surveyed annually and evaluated for repair based on a priority rating system. Roads get points based on nearby infrastructure, the number of dwellings they contain, access to emergency services, estimated daily traffic and existing condition. Parish Council members also have input into which roads are selected.

Many of the streets will have work completed in phases, beginning with patchwork and continuing with milling (removing asphalt) by a measurement of two inches. Repaving is the third step, with a fourth and final step being the addition and spreading of compacted limestone or dirt along the roadway shoulders to eliminate drop-off.

The St. Charles Parish Public Information Office will post daily announcements about the location and duration of roadwork to the parish website at, the parish Facebook page at and Government Access Channel 6 on Cox Cable.

The following is a list of all streets being improved during the 2013 Road Maintenance Program:

  • Barreca Street, Norco
  • Clayton Street, Norco
  • Elm Street, Hahnville
  • Hale Street, Paradis
  • Nicholas Street, Hahnville
  • Robert Street, Paradis
  • Folse Road, Des Allemands
  • Hickory Street, Hahnville
  • Rex Street, Luling
  • Short Street, Norco
  • South Destrehan Drive, Destrehan
  • Ayo Drive, Paradis
  • Eula Drive, Paradis
  • Marino Drive, Norco
  • Pine Street, Hahnville
  • Ristroph Street, Luling
  • Vial Street, Norco
  • Eve Street, Hahnville
  • Park Place, Destrehan
  • Third Street, Norco
  • Badeaux West Lane, Bayou Gauche
  • Eve Street, Destrehan
  • Twin Bridge Road, Des Allemands
  • Boras Lane, Des Allemands
  • 1st Street, St. Rose
  • 2nd Street, St. Rose
  • 3rd Street, St. Rose
  • 4th Street, St. Rose
  • St. Charles Street, Norco
  • Courthouse Lane, Hahnville
  • Milling Avenue, Luling
  • St. Anthony Street, Luling
  • St. Charles Place, Hahnville
  • Gassen Street, Luling
  • Pine Street, Norco
  • Sellers Avenue, Luling
  • Johnson Street, Ama