FOX 8 Defenders: Volunteers track 10 complaints on national manufacturer

Kenner, La.-- Martha Wyatt tells the FOX 8 Defenders she was shocked when Morgan Buildings and Spas finally delivered the backyard storage shed her family ordered and paid a more than $900 deposit on in May.  To be clear, that was in May 2012.

"It was like a year and three months before we got it," explained Wyatt.

Her family wanted the extra space to store pool supplies, but for more than a year, stakes in the ground where the shed was supposed to go is all you could see in their Kenner backyard.  The company points out in its purchase agreement there are situations where "delivery delays are unavoidable" and requested or quoted "delivery dates.. only approximate."  However, after months went by, Wyatt turned to the FOX 8 Defenders and volunteers with the National Council of Jewish Women for help.

"If you all hadn't been calling and keeping on them too, I probably would have never got it," explained Wyatt.

A Morgan Buildings employee explained to FOX 8 that part of the delay in getting their buildings out had to do with a delay in getting raw materials to build the actual structures.  The employee said it was a company-wide problem, and they're trying to work with customers.  At one point Morgan shutdown its Metairie location because of a personnel issue, but has since re-opened.

Wyatt explained that Morgan gave her more than the building for the trouble she's been through in the last year.

"They did reduce the price.   They gave me like a $300 credit on the building or $335 credit so that helped," she said.

She's one of several consumers who's put hundreds of dollars down on a building they waited months for delivery.

Over the summer, Shelly Semere, another customer who turned to the Defenders, received a refund check in the mail from Morgan for her full deposit amount, and just in the last week, two other homeowners in Avondale finally received the buildings they ordered nearly 10 months ago.

Altogether, the FOX 8 Defenders have tracked at least 10 complaints from Louisiana consumers, and in every case, our volunteers were successful in getting positive results.  If you have a consumer complaint, call the FOX 8 Defenders and National Council of Jewish Women at 1-877-670-6397 or go to fox 8 live dot com.