107-year-old man killed after opening fire on SWAT team

PINE BLUFF, Ark. (AP) — A 107-year-old man was killed after he opened fire on a SWAT team during a standoff at his home, according to police in Pine Bluff, Ark.

Police were called to 107-year-old Monroe Isadore's home after he threatened two people by pointing a weapon at them on Saturday, Sept. 7.

After asking the two people threatened by Isadore to leave, officers approached Isadore's room and told him who they were. Isadore responded by shooting through the door, but missed the officers according to Pine Bluff Lt. David Price.

The officers retreated and called in and additional help, including a SWAT team. Once backup arrived they started negotiating with Isadore and the SWAT team inserted a camera into the room to confirm Isadore was armed with a handgun, Price said.

When it was clear the negotiations weren't working, SWAT officers released gas into the room from outside a bedroom window then entered the home and made their way to the bedroom.

The team threw a distraction device in hopes of disarming Isadore without any casualties, but Isadore fired at the officers, who shot back and killed him.

The investigation into the shooting is ongoing.