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Family of murdered Thibodaux man wants justice

Thibodaux, La. - Carnell McIntyre's mother knew her youngest son was no angel, but she never thought his life's troubles would lead to his death.

"Young men's gonna be young men," says Jennifer McIntyre. "That's just like growing up. But that's not no reason to kill nobody."

Lafourche Parish sheriff's deputies found McIntyre's body Sunday morning near Thibodaux.

Investigators say he'd been shot several times in the head before his body was dumped beside some sugar cane on Ridgefield Road.

Sheriff Craig Webre says his detectives have already questioned at least 10 people to try to figure out a motive and a suspect.

"We're having to draw information out of people and part of it, I suspect, is the fear factor," says Webre. "The fact that this young man was located dumped on the side of the road and had been shot in the head a couple times would suggest that you're dealing with some pretty violent and callous people."

McIntyre had run-ins with the law before, but his family says he was working to turn his life around.

They say he wanted to be better for his young son.

"He don't bother nobody," says his sister, Whitney McIntyre. "He be in his own little world just chilling, and they did him down bad."

Crimes like this don't happen often in Lafourche Parish, and Sheriff Webre says that allows the department to focus on solving this case quickly.

The entire detective bureau worked on the case into the early morning hours Monday.

"You had a dozen investigators committed to running down every lead," he says. "They got a couple hours of sleep and they're right back on top of it. And I guess because it's a rare occurrence, we do have that luxury of deploying the resources that we need in trying to solve these types of cases."

McIntyre's family wants justice -- for him and his little boy.

"He gave his all to make sure his child was happy and to have a family," says Whitney McIntyre. "I felt like they caught him down bad. They shouldn't have just took him from us like that."

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