Odell Beckham Jr. reaches a new level

Zach Mettenberger threw a school-record five touchdowns, but Odell Beckham, Jr. stole the show, totaling 331 all-purpose yards and four scores, enjoying every nostalgic step.

"The feeling I had of being in Tiger Stadium and making plays, feeling like you're a kid back on the playground again," Beckham said.

"Very talented," coach Les Miles said.

"Nifty is a great word for him, explosive is a great word for him. He says, you know what, if I just beat that guy, this might go all the way. Or if I can just get to the ball, I'll make that catch. He has that intangible that really some of the very best players around have."

With 603 yards through two games, there's even very early talk of a possible Heisman Trophy.

"He don't like me saying but I think he's making his case for the Heisman right now," senior linebacker Lamin Barrow said.

"He has a game like this and you carry it into next week and the SEC schedule, if he keeps playing the way he's playing, I don't see why not."

Beckham added, "It's not something I think about at all, it's only week two. Got Kent State next week, try to focus on that."

Growing up in New Orleans, Beckham was recruited by LSU, but not as heavily as his teammate Jarvis Landry, the five star of the two. Beckham said one of the biggest reasons he became a Tiger was to play alongside number 80, and now in their junior season, they continue to push each other on and off the field.

"We compete in everything we do, whether it's X-Box or it doesn't even matter, we're always competing against each other," Beckham said.

Landry added, "We went to celebration station, we're riding go-karts, and it's basically in everything we do. That just shows a lot about me and him and our chemistry, and how we see each other."

Landry also did his part against UAB with five receptions for 71 yards and two more touchdowns.

"Him and Jarvis work so well together, they just feed off each other," Barrow said. "They have their little mini-competition, who's gonna do this, and Odell just had the opportunity to make some returns in, and he did a great job."

Miles also recognizes how special the Tiger dynamic duo is, "The similarities are many. They're very committed to this team. Their work ethic is tremendous. They recognize that their contribution is necessary for our football team's success, and they're giving it. They're coachable. They want to improve, and they're good people. Now, they're different, but they're the same in many ways."

Beckham, Landry and the Tigers kick off game three against Kent State Saturday night at 6:00 in Tiger Stadium.