Skateboarder runs over baby chick in New Orleans East

New Orleans, La. - The Humane Society is investigating an incident last Monday where  two skateboarders were seen running over a baby chick near Independence and Marais Street in New Orleans East.

Humane Society spokesman Jeff Dorson says a good Samaritan brought the the injured bird to Metairie Small Animal Clinic where the baby chick was treated for fractures in both its legs.

The bird's legs were placed in miniature splints and the baby bird, named Nan, was delivered to Katrina Perkowska, Director of Kasia's Ark Bird Rescue and a humane investigator with the Humane Society of Louisiana, for additional care.

Dorson says the bird is unable to stand or support herself. Nan must be suspended in a small hammock inside her cage and she eats her meals and drinks water while lying sideways.  It is a difficult rehabilitation process, but she is trying to take small steps and is progressing a little each day, according to Perkowska.   

The humane society is actively investigating the case and representatives will be canvassing the neighborhood where the bird was found.  Anyone with information is asked to call the Humane Society at 1-888-6-HUMANE.