Jim Henderson's Commentary Week 1

How's that for openers?  Exciting enough for you?

One of the beauties of the NFL is how urgent every game in a 16-game schedule is...particularly an opening game at home against your biggest rival with whom you expect to battle all season long for the division championship.

To win that game on essentially the last play of it...to win it in such an unusual way when so many fans probably were resigned to losing it on a last minute drive that once seemed so usual...to win it by the margin of Kenny Vaccaro's finger tip and Roman Harper's hands...to win it while the Bucs, Panthers, and --- as a result ---the Falcons were losing it made this Monday just about as good as it gets for Who Dats.

After waiting through 60 minutes of football to exhale, they are "whew dats" today.

Remarkable isn't it how one play out of 125 or so in the course of just a football game can alter your mood and that of an entire city, much of the state, and a good deal of the region so drastically.

Had Tony Gonzalez made a game-ending touchdown reception of that pass instead of Roman Harper a game-ending interception, gloom and doom would shroud our city today rather than the buoyancy of such a victory which makes a Saints fan feel like he or she is walking on sunshine for a week.

As he concluded his post-game press conference yesterday Falcons coach Mike Smith refused to further discuss the fourth and goal from the three interception, lamenting that that play will be "analyzed 5000 times in the next three days."

For Saints fans it'll be celebrated much more and far longer than that.

What a great way to open this season.