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Evidence in Nagin trial revealed in court documents

New Orleans, La. - When the government takes former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin to trial, evidence will include records for a local private school, a rental appraisal for a town home in a Dallas, Texas suburb and records for the rental of a private jet.

The government and Nagin's attorney jointly filed what's called stipulations Monday. 

The stipulations are basically uncontested documents that will be presented to the jury.

Those documents include school records for Louise McGehee School, where Nagin's daughter attended.

The rental appraisal is for a town home Nagin purchased in Frisco, Texas.

The government will also present evidence from Netjets, a private jet company.

The stipulations also include bank accounts for Nagin, his wife, his former campaign manager... David White and two key people expected to testify against him.  Those include former vendors Rodney Williams and Frank Fradella.

Nagin is scheduled to go to trial in October, but sources say both sides have held plea negotiations and a plea deal could still be worked out before the trial begins.

Back in January, a grand jury indicted Nagin on 21 counts of corruption.

The indictment alleges that while in office, Nagin took bribes and gifts from city contractors.

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