Saints' Vaccaro is playing like a veteran

New Orleans, La. - Saints rookie safety Kenny Vaccaro caught the eyes of his coaches and teammates the first day of OTAs.

He caught the eyes of fans around the NFL with that last-ditch tip leading to the game-saving pick against Atlanta.

But earlier in that same game, he caught the eye of the league, and in a costly way.

Sources are confirming that Vaccaro was fined almost $8,000 for laying a lick on Atlanta quarterback Matt Ryan as Ryan was going into a slide. That is a no-no, but Ryan was not hurt on the play.

By rule, Vaccaro has the right to appeal, but it's unknown as to whether or not he will.

But here's the thing: Vaccaro didn't mean any harm. He just plays the game hard, and that's what you want. He played every defensive snap in the game. And he felt right at home doing it.

In fact, Vaccaro played like a guy who's done this before

"I never really got nervous," he said. "I was well prepared. I played a number of positions during the game. I think I played every position except for D lineman, and middle backer and corner, I guess. But, I don't know, man. Just felt like I was one of the guys out there playing with Malcolm (Jenkins) and all of them. I felt like a vet, kind of."

On the injury front, the Saints have reportedly lost nose tackle Broderick Bunkley for the next few games due to a calf injury, according to Ian Rappaport of Since the Saints have already used their lone "injured reserve to return" slot on Jonathan Vilma, the team will have to carry Bunkley on the roster while he mends.