Week two NFL power rankings

Week 2 Power Rankings:

1.)    Denver (2-0)- Playing the best football of any team through two weeks without question.

2.)    Seattle (2-0)- Best team in the NFC right now and with that kind of home field advantage could potentially be very dangerous.

3.)    New England (2-0)- they have Tom Brady so they will always be winners but their wide receiver issues are hard to ignore. Nonetheless, as they always seem to do they manage without them and find a way to be 2-0.

4.)    New Orleans (2-0)- Two nailbiting wins in the division. The Saints have their swagger back. They believe they will win close games. Plus, the defense is much improved.

5.)    Houston (2-0) - Like the Saints, they are winning in thrilling fashion. It's not by accident that they are able to consistently do that.

6.)    San Francisco (1-1)- They had a little bit of humble pie served to them in the Pacific Northwest. I still say this team bounces back in a big way and will become one of the best in the NFC.

7.)    Green Bay (1-1)- Along with the 49ers, they are the best 1-1 team in football.

8.)    Atlanta (1-1)- One play away from being 2-0. This is a complete football team who will be around in January.

9.)    Chicago (2-0)- While I'm always hesitant to put full trust in Jay Cutler, this team is off to a nice start.

10.) Baltimore (1-1)- Defending champs bounce back Sunday with win over Cleveland.

11.) Kansas City (2-0)- Already matched last year's win total in two weeks. Alex Smith is very efficient and the Chiefs look legit.

12.) Miami (2-0)- A potentially dangerous team, although I'm not sure about them being the top-ten just yet.

13.) Cincinnati (1-1)- I really like the makeup of this team. I think they can be a player in the AFC North.

14.) Indianapolis (1-1)- Andrew Luck outgunned by Ryan Tannehill. They should be fun to watch though for years to come.

15.) Dallas (1-1)- Still a middle of the pack team until convinced otherwise.

16.)San Diego(1-1) - Great win over Philly on a short week.

17.) Detroit (1-1)- Explosive team that is capable of big plays.

18.) Philadelphia (1-1)- Fast-paced offense came back to earth Sunday. I'm still intrigued as to what this team can do.

19.) St.Louis (1-1)- Not much to say except they are about where I thought they would be

20.) Arizona (1-1)- I think this team is on to something to be much improved in 2013.

21.) Tennessee (1-1)- Still not quite sure to make of this team.

22.). Pittsburgh (0-2)- Can't win if you can't score.

23.). New York Giants (0-2)- Turnovers, turnovers, turnovers.

24.)  Washington (0-2)-RGIII looks human when he has to play purely from the pocket.

25.) Tampa Bay (0-2)- Two losses on the last play of the game. Defense is legit, quarterback is not. But if they can get disciplined, they can win some games.

26.) Buffalo (1-1)- Nice win over Carolina but not ready to go any further than this with Buffalo.

27.)  Carolina (0-2)- Just got to wonder how hot Ron Rivera's seat is right now.

28.) Minnesota (0-2) – Quarterback is still very much a concern in Minnesota.

29.) Oakland (1-1)- I don't want to jump the gun just yet on Oakland. They do look better than the team that visited in New Orleans during the preseason though.

30.) New York Jets (1-1)- Got fortunate in week one, unconvincing in week two. The worst 1-1 team in football.

31.) Cleveland (0-2)- Not looking good in C-town.

32.) Jacksonville (0-2)- This team is just bad. Easily the worst in the league.