Hoax article fools some in small Louisiana city

Screen shot from Nationalreport.com
Screen shot from Nationalreport.com

DEQUINCY, La. (AP) - An article on a satire website got folks in DeQuincy calling to ask whether the government had really banned the hip-thrusting dance called twerking.
Mayor Lawrence Henagen says City Hall got at least 40 to 50 such calls Tuesday, and callers tied up two police phone lines.
He says many callers knew the National Report article was a joke. But he says more than half thought it might be real - even though it was clearly, in Henagen's word, "baloney."
The piece quotes Mayor Maynard Wilkens as calling the dance defiance against Jesus and Sheriff Bobby Joe Williams as saying twerkers get at least 30 days in the county jail.
Henagen says city residents know that neither person exists and that Louisiana has parishes instead of counties.

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