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Imprisoned former NOPD officer wants freedom

Arthur Kaufman (File) Arthur Kaufman (File)

A former NOPD officer sent to prison for a cover-up in the Danziger Bridge shootings wants freedom while he waits for a new trial.

Arthur Kaufman's attorney filed a motion in court asking the judge to reinstate his bail. Kaufman has been in a federal prison in Virginia for the last 16 months.

"Its very difficult for a person incarcerated. There are strict rules that must be followed. It's nothing you or I would want to do," said his attorney, Stephen London.

A recent judge's ruling has made freedom a possibility. "Obviously the judge ruled on September 17th, granting our motion for a new trial," London said. "Arthur is extremely happy about that."

Kaufman knew of the judge's order for a new trial the day it happened -- possibly by email, according to his attorney, who hopes to get the bond from Kaufman's initial trial reinstated.

Former U.S. Attorney Harry Rosenberg says it could be the first in many requests to get clients out of jail.

"I think they feel a lot better now than when the verdict was rendered," he said.

London says the attorneys for all the defendants will meet for a status hearing in the next 30 days to nail down dates for pre-trial motions.

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