Arizona Cardinals' Patrick Peterson enjoys a homecoming Sunday

The game within the game Sunday when the Saints tangle with the Arizona Cardinals will be the one taking place on special teams.

Pro Bowl punter/kickoff man Thomas Morstead will be trying to play keep away from former LSU star Patrick Peterson.

Peterson is one of the least favorite punt targets in the NFL, which is why he has a total of four returns for 11 yards and two fair catches return line through two games this season. That's it.

And, Morstead would like to see Peterson's line stay right there this Sunday.

Said Morstead Thursday, "That's the punter's job, is the first extension of the defense. We're playing against a talented returner this week, so specifically regarding Patrick Peterson, he's a way that they can win the game. So it's our punt team's job to make sure that he's not a factor in that way."

Peterson has enjoyed a fantastic career since his days at LSU. He's actually playing some offense out in the desert, but that shouldn't be a shock.

While a high school senior in Florida, Peterson rushed for more than 730 yards, rushed for a touchdown, ran back a kickoff return and a punt return - both for touchdowns. And, in his spare time, he had 21 tackles and five picks.

Of course he shone brightly for LSU from 2008 through 2010, and he knows what Saints football means to this city.

"You can tell [New Orleanians] care a lot about their city, and they've been through a lot as well. And I was there when the Saints won their first championship, and it was like Christmas... every day.  And to finally have those guys to get on a roll, be in the playoffs consistently, winning ball games for that community and for that city is unbelievable. Once that crowd gets going in the Superdome, it's a hard place to play."