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A tribute to Saints is rocker's way of giving back

The man at the helm of one of the leading guitar companies in the world still watches his beloved Saints every Sunday.

Rocker-turned-executive Michael Ciravolo was born and raised a Who Dat.  Now he gives back to the city he loves with some special guitars dedicated to the team.

Ciravolo was a rocker with his band The Models in the 80's. 

"We played The Warehouse, Show Boat, anybody who would have an original band," he said.

Members included Johnny Indovina and Michael Ciravolo on guitar. They loved their music but also had a passion for their New Orleans Saints.

"My dad took me to my first Saints game in '67. I was a little kid, I didn't understand what I was watching but I felt it was something special." 

The band moved to Los Angeles, but the stardom they wanted never happened.

30 years later, Ciravolo still rocks - as the president of a guitar company, Schecter Guitar Research. Models band member Johnny Indovina is the company's art director.

"So, we had gotten to build Schecter as a brand viable in the  music industry and we wanted to do some charity stuff," Ciravolo said.  "What better to combine two things we love, music and the Saints."

They've unveiled the Saints 2013 guitar by Schecter. It is donated to the team for auction at a later date, with the proceeds going to charity.

"The coaches' charity, Drew has his charity, Marcus Colston has his golf tournament," he said.

Eight guitars are on display at the Saints Hall of Fame. the first made in 2003. The only year they've missed producing a Saints edition was following Hurricane Katrina.

The 2009 winning season guitar sports "Sir Saint," an old cartoon character that was used in the 60's by the team.

The Super Bowl Guitar is set apart. It has a mirrored finish like the Lombardi Trophy. 44 of those were produced; normally there are 20 versions of each year's instrument.

"The NFL was nice enough to have us use the Super Bowl logo and putting the score on it was fantastic!" he said.

Ciravolo and Indovina design the guitars. "I've seen some guitars go for $6,000 to $8,000. It's always been about doing something that helps." Ciravolo said.

The rocker never forgets the Saints, even when he's in LA He gets together with New Orleanians who live there every Sunday to watch the games.

In a way, Ciravolo has become a part of the Saints history he loves. He's found a way to transform his passions into reality - in the form of highly-crafted musical instruments.

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