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New programs launched to help bus, streetcar riders

NEW ORLEANS - Two new programs can help you catch the streetcar or a Regional Transit Authority bus. A new app called TransitHub locates where streetcars and busses are in real time, and on Tuesday, the RTA launched its own Transit Tracker program.

There's no longer any need to interpret lengthy posted schedules. TransitHub is a new app for iPhones, iPads and Android devices. It uses real-time data from GPS devices located inside each streetcar and bus.

The app has up-to-the-moment information that can be checked from anywhere.

"For us, it's different because all of our public transit is above ground, and we have to deal with traffic jams, we have to deal with car accidents and people talking U-turns in front of the street car," said George Van Wormer, the founder of TransitHub.

For those who prefer texting, the Regional Transit Authority has launched another way to track your transit. Each streetcar and bus stop has a stop identification number. Once you locate the stop ID number on the RTA sign, you can text it to 27299. The RTA will then text you the next three scheduled arrival times for that stop.

The RTA's texting program doesn't use real-time data yet, but they say it will be helpful for the daily average 30,936 bus riders and 19,540 streetcar riders.

"You don't have to have to think about carrying the schedule around with you or looking up anything. It's just right at your fingertips," said Angele Young, marketing and communications manager for the RTA.

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