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Louisiana tax amnesty program begins

New Orleans, La. - It's a program that the Louisiana Department of Revenue hopes will generate additional funds, while giving tax payers a chance to settle up with the government.

The tax amnesty program kicked off Monday.

"They have two months to apply for this tax amnesty," says Deborah Rollo.

Rollo has been a CPA for 32 years. She says it's a chance for eligible tax payers to settle their delinquent accounts by paying only half the interest and no penalties.

"For example, with 14-hundred dollars of interest, you'd only pay 700 dollars. That's a huge saving and it's probably more manageable for people," says Rollo.

The program was voted on as part of this year's budget, but not all lawmakers support it.

"You're never going to collect every single dime, which you could. This is just a reaction," says Rep. Robert Billiot

New Orleans Representative Austin Badon says it sends the wrong message.

"Everybody else is paying their fair share and paying their taxes in full. You have to do the same. This is an enforcement issue," says Badon.

The state hopes to collect 200-million dollars from the program, but it's only a fraction of the 1.4 billion dollars owed in unpaid taxes and interest.

Rollo says for people who are years behind on their taxes, this program may be the only way for them to catch up.

The program runs through November 22nd.

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