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Parents share concerns about Common Core guidelines

(Carolyn Scofield/FOX 8) (Carolyn Scofield/FOX 8)

Mandeville, La. - School board members held meetings across St. Tammany Parish in response to questions and concerns about Common Core guidelines adopted by the state.

The latest meeting happened Tuesday night at Lake Harbor Middle School in Mandeville.

About 50 parents met to share their concerns about the federal standards for education.

Louisiana is one of 45 states that adopted the federal standards, but now, as they're being implemented, many people are speaking out against Common Core.

Critics say it mandates a "one-size-fits-all" approach to education, eliminating creativity and teaching only to Common Core tests.

Supporters say it sets basic standards for what students should know at each grade level and it's uniform from state to state.

Governor Bobby Jindal has said, while he supports high standards for education in Louisiana, he does not support national or federalized curriculum.

Jindal said he would ask Superintendent of Education John White and the Board of Secondary and Elementary Education to address concerns with Common Core.

White could not be reached for comment on Tuesday.

State Senator A.G. Crowe attended Tuesday night's meeting and said legislators are working on a bill for the next session to stop Common Core.

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