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9th Ward residents complain of trash, jungle-like conditions

Debris takes over Piety St. at Higgins Blvd. Debris takes over Piety St. at Higgins Blvd.

NEW ORLEANS - Driving some streets in the 9th Ward can be tricky, especially with weeds and trash in the way. That's reality for some residents who complain that the city is neglecting their area.

If you're in the lane along one block of Higgins Boulevard, you may want to keep your windows rolled up. It's lined with lots that are so overgrown that weeds can hit your vehicle.

"I've seen about three or four accidents with high grasses out on the street," one resident said. "When you are pulling up to the street, you really can't see."

On Piety, there's minefield of construction debris: tires, wood flooring and other trash are dumped in the middle of the road. It provides a good hiding place for vermin.

"We got snakes and rats," on resident said. "I have seen rats that look like cats all up and down here. I mean, it's terrible."

That's just one of the roads leading into The Estates housing development. Another is Humanity, which winds through a tunnel of weeds from overgrown lots. There are mountains in the 9th ward too. A mountain of concrete construction debris as you proceed down Higgins Boulevard.
"People live back here paying taxes and still have to deal with the city and all that. They need to do better," said resident Mervin Riley.

Estates resident Zelma Washington said the city has been short on answers to all the overgrowth that neighbors deal with everyday.

"I really don't understand what they waiting on," she said.

Riley said it brings back memories of Katrina.

"The city needs to do a better job," he said.

The city would not comment specifically about overgrowth in the area, but a spokesperson did say that 1,400 illegal dump sites have been cleaned and 17,000 tires removed from all over the city.

The city encourages residents to call 311 to report illegal dumping.




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