Loaded handgun found at Mandeville Jr. High School

Mandeville, La. - Some Mandeville residents are wondering if parents are watching their kids after a loaded gun was found in the boys bathroom of a junior high school.

Students were kept in their classroom under lockdown for most of the morning as investigators arrested two teenaged suspects.

But things are now back to normal at Mandeville Jr. High school this after a morning that was anything but. Robocalls went out to parents around 8am after a student found a loaded gun stashed in a bathroom.

Kim Noonan was among dozens of parents who rushed to the school after they got the call that a gun was found on campus.

"I was very worried. It's scary. It puts me in tears talking about it, but he's here and he's safe," said Noonan.

Safe perhaps because an alert student overheard a conversation that made him concerned.

"One of the students had some information and came to a school official and told him what he heard. School officials were on it, and found a loaded handgun in the boys restroom," said Lt. Gerald Sticker with the Mandeville Police Department.

The school was placed on lockdown for three hours as the investigation led authorities to arrest two teenagers believed to be in the 7th grade.

"My son said the boy was in his classroom. They came in, put his arm behind his back, and wouldn't let him touch his bookbag and escorted him out," said Noonan.

The lockdown was lifted by 10:30am, but parents wonder how two seventh graders got a loaded gun.

If they're not that engaged in their kids life to know what was going on, that's scary. The gun was loaded," said Noonan.

The two teenagers are in the custody of the Mandeville Police Department. Detectives say they are going to search the boys computers to see if they made any threatening statements about anyone at the school.