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Delgado Nursing School explores move to old Charity

NEW ORLEANS - Future plans for the old Charity Hospital building have been tossed around for months. Now, Mayor Mitch Landrieu appears to be considering the possibility of having Delgado Community College move it's nursing school into the facility.

Delgado Nursing School wants to more than double its current space on S. Claiborne Avenue. The college wants to expand to meet demands of the new University and Veterans Affairs medical centers that will open in the future.

Delgado's interest comes after Mayor Landrieu proposed moving City Hall and Civil District Court into the old Charity. That concept was put on the table in July.

The Mayor's proposed design calls for city government offices to occupy the building's top 11 floors. The City Council would have space on the first and second floors. Civil District Court would fill floors two through eight.

Civil Court judges, though, are opposed to the Mayor's vision.

"We have looked at Charity Hospital," said Judge Kern Reese. "We've engaged two national firms who have both given us the opinion that it's not suitable for a courthouse."

The judges want a new courthouse to be built in Duncan Plaza across from the current City Hall.

"It's not in use, and we think there's no better use then a brand new courthouse," Reese said. "This courthouse is about 60 years old and it's showing signs of wear and tear."

The Civil Court's role in the future plans for Charity are still uncertain, but the Landrieu Administration had indicated that all options are now being considered.

Mayor Landrieu released a statement saying that he is committed to the reuse of Charity Hospital as a civil complex that fully utilizes the space available.

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