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Tough first loss for Saints fans

New Orleans-For Saints fans, Sunday's game against the New England Patriots was quite an emotional roller coaster.

Inside Finn McCool's pub in Mid-City a jovial and celebratory mood during the fourth quarter of the game quickly turned to shock. "I'm so depressed I can't even talk. We get the ball on the 12 yard line and get a field goal out of it? I'm so depressed it's going to take me two weeks to get over it," said fan MaryAnn Schmidt.

Adrian Garcy adds, "This game was over...6-0. We were on our way, taking a week off, going to Buffalo. That was a game changer, just horrible."

It was as if Saints fans couldn't believe their eyes. A once promising looking finish, ripped away with just seconds left in the game. Oscar Cardoza says, "I was like celebrating the win but last five seconds, Tom Brady did what he had to do."

Fans at Finn McCools weren't willing to point fingers for the loss. "It's a team effort, everybody doesn't play perfect everyday but it takes everybody on the field to make it happen," said Becky Fleming.

While this game surely stings, the Saints have an impressive record thus far...five wins and only one loss. Most of these fans seem pretty optimistic that the team will bounce back from this and may just make it all the way. ""Even though we didn't win this game this team reminds me of the Super Bowl year so we're gonna go to the Super Bowl," said Jennifer Bouso.

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