Charges dropped against north shore referees

Covington, La. - Covington Mayor Cooper announced Thursday that charges have been dropped against two referees who were arrested during the St. Paul's vs. Mandeville football game last Friday.

Covington police arrested two game officials, Chris Gambino and James Radcliffe, on charges of public intimidation.

The football Officials Association says the arrests stemmed from a request by the officials to the officers to move fans back from the sidelines.

Mayor Cooper also says the New Orleans Football Officials Association has withdrawn its request to drop Covington police for game security.

The Covington Police Chief says no disciplinary action against was taken against the officer who arrested the referees as of now, but will review the incident further.

The association released a statement earlier in the week on the incident saying, "the officials acted appropriately when they felt a problem was brewing as a result unknown individuals being in the sideline area near the goal line."