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Vigil held for murder victim Rakeen Holmes

NEW ORLEANS - The father of murder victim Keira Holmes was remembered in an emotional candlelight vigil Monday. Rakeen Holmes was gunned down Saturday night in Broadmoor, just two years after his young daughter lost her life to gun violence.

Gathered on the corner where 25-year-old Rakeen Holmes took his last breath, his friends and family remember a man who they say wanted peace. "I love him, I miss him already, I miss him every day. He always used to call me, how you doing Mo? How's the baby doing? I just miss him, I can't believe that he's gone," said Holmes' sister, Kasia.

Holmes friends say he worked to turn his life around and tried to help others after the tragic death of his daughter, Keira, in 2011. The toddler was hit by a bullet, intended for someone else, at the B.W. Cooper housing development.

Police haven't yet made any arrests in Rakeen Holmes' murder. They say he was shot in the face and found lying on the ground.

The level of violence the Holmes family has endured over the past few years can be felt by even the youngest relatives.

"Whoever did this iIjust hope that they give themselves up. The crime just needs to stop and everything will be alright for us and our family so whoever did it just please give yourself up because we suffering and it's too much," said one of Rakeen's relatives.

His uncle, Donald Holmes added, "It's kinda hard with things like this happening in your family so all you can do is pray."

Struggling through their grief, the family searches for answers, trying to figure out why two loved ones were taken away by senseless acts of violence.

"He was a good boy, he was just good. I don't understand, I really don't, like why would they do that?" asked Kasia Holmes.

The reason for Rakeen's murder won't change the fact that he's gone, but his family says he and his daughter will never be forgotten.

Rakeen Holmes' family is now trying to collect donations to pay for his funeral.

If you know anything about his murder, call Crimestoppers at (504) 822-1111. You can remain anonymous and you could be eligible for a cash reward.

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