Hawaii surfer throws punches to escape shark

(The Garden Island)
(The Garden Island)

LIHUE, Hawaii (AP) - A 25-year-old Hawaii surfer and former boxer went several rounds with a shark and won.
Jeff Horton tells The Garden Island that he punched a shark that bit down on his surfboard. He was able to get away uninjured.
He had been surfing three hours early Sunday near Kilauea when he saw a dark shape approaching.
The shark clamped down on his surfboard. Horton was knocked off and onto the shark.
Horton held a fin with one hand and punched the shark about eight times, finally jamming a knuckle into its eye.
The shark spit out the board and flung Horton into the air. Horton climbed back on his board and paddled to shore safely.
His board has a semi-circle bite mark.
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