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Covington PD Looks for 2 armed robbers

COVINGTON, La. - A brazen northshore robbery has Covington detectives on the lookout for a pair of masked gunmen.

It happened Monday at closing time at a Collins Boulevard Domino's store, but the robbers got a surprise.

Covington police said two gunmen robbed a manager and one of the drivers of a small amount of cash. Both suspects were wearing ski masks and carrying semi-automatic pistols with laser sighting.

"When the manager saw the gunmen, he went running and an associate was left behind," said Police Chief Tim Lentz. "Eventually, the two robbers made their way into the store with the associate looking for the receipts from the day."

The robbers appeared to have waited for closing time and were frustrated when they couldn't find cash inside.

They escaped with just $60 in tips.

"No vehicle in sight," Lentz said. "We had our K-9 out, they tracked a couple of blocks north of the business, but lost the scent."

Most of the cash from a night's worth of business had already been taken out of the store by the time of the robbery. The gunmen are believed to have fled on foot.

Anyone with information as to their whereabouts is asked to call Covington police.

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