Tulane football team "not eating the cheese"

New Orleans, La. - Seven games into Tulane's season and all the talk on campus is about bowls, or a possible conference title in the future but the Wave hasn't registered a winning season in 11 years.

The players are trying to pump the brakes on all this bowl talk, and just focus on Tulsa this weekend, according to running back Orleans Darkwa "We've seen it all around, even on the Internet and all that, everything is buzzing around.  For the younger guys, I try to tell them 'Don't even feed into all that, we haven't done anything yet.'  The five wins is a big accomplishment from where we've been at but we haven't done anything close to what our goal is and so we don't need to buy into all that and like [coach] CJ says 'Don't eat the cheese.'"

All this cheese talk resonates from Sean Payton's Saints not buying into the "so-called noise."  Curtis Johnson learned a lot from his mentor, and he's trying to use Payton's tactics to "bring down" his players a notch:

"The first thing we talked about was your mother was going to tell you how good you are. Your dad, your grandparents, your coaches, all the people in your school, your girlfriend – I tell them they have more girlfriends now than they've ever had – telling them how good they are. It's just like my wife. She comes to me and says, 'You guys are so great. You're so great.' No we're not. We're the same Tulane team that we've been. We're not there yet. What we need to do is continue to work, continue to improve, continue to play hard, and when this is all over in January – when I give them about an hour off – we can look back, have a nice little hour party and start again for next year."